Mechanicum – Thallax

Hi guys,

More test models for the Mechanicum, this time a squad of Thallax. I love these models, their blank, expressionless face masks in particular. Since I have a small obsession with tanks, I’ll likely be fielding an Ordo Reductor Mechanicum force on a regular basis. As such, I’ll be needing a lot of these guys, as they make up the compulsory troops choices for that faction. I’m fairly happy with the test squad so far, although they’ll need some weathering.

Cheers guys

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Hey guys

Firstly, a belated new-years to you all! Secondly, an apology regarding 2016. It was a particularly busy year for me, and consequently, a pretty poor year for the blog. I have all the usual excuses, and I’m sure you care for them about as much as you care for everyone else’s excuses. All I can say is I’m hoping 2017 will be a particularly epic year for hobby. To kick things off, I’m starting a new project. Several years ago I converted up a Mechanicum themed Imperial Guard army. Since then, Forge World and Games Workshop have both released Mechanicum armies, and so it’s time to update my collection. Since I pretty much only play Horus Heresy these days, I’ll be focusing on the Forge World models to create a playable Mechanicum army for that system.

I already have two titans, both of which are from Legio Ignatum. My mechanicum force is going to be aligned to Legio Ignatum as well, acting as an escort and support force for the titans.

And so, here is the first test model for the army, a Triaros Armoured Conveyor. It’s still WIP, but gives an idea of what I’m going for. This model is a beast, massively bigger than a land raider. I love it!


Cheers guys!

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Hey guys,

I live! Just a quick update of another commission, this time the primarch of the Iron Tenth, Ferrus Manus. This model was a lot of fun to paint, although it was hard to show the effects in the pics. I’m also still stuck using my phone camera at the moment, so apologies for the quality of the shots.

Cheers guys!

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Hey guys,

Firstly, my apologies for the complete lack of updates. I have all the usual excuses, which I’m sure no one cares about. I also have the more legitimate excuse of my camera died, which has obviously slowed me down. On the upside, I have actually been making some progress on several projects, so hopefully it will be less than six weeks before the next update (assuming I can get pics).

In the mean time, I’ve had several commissions to keep me busy, the latest of which is the mega-smerf G-man, Guilliman. This model was great fun to paint, although I’m not supper keen on his marble hover-board when he’s not on his display base. Pics are taken from my mobile, so my apologies for the quality. Also, white display base on white backdrop wasn’t my greatest idea ever…

Guiliman 1Guiliman 2Guiliman 3Guiliman 4

Cheers guys

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Terrain – Cities of Death mostly finished

Hey all

Excitement! The cities of death table has paint on it! I’ve finished the first round of paints and added static grass to a few of the sections. I was so excited I had to go and set it up to see what it looks like!

And, because all tables looks better with models on them, I also took some shots with some of the Imperial Fists on the table to get an idea of what it might look like in action.

Pretty happy with how the table is going so far, although there are still some extra little details I want to add in, and probably change the colour scheme a little. But, I think it’s certainly good enough to start having a few games on!

Cheers guys

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Terrain – cities of death

Hey all

The cities of death table is getting really close now. I’ve been adding in more detail, focusing on the scatter terrain and some of the buildings. First up, the Arbites sector house has had the windows filled in and an arbites symbol added to the front. It’s a little hard to see in the photo, but was done using an Imperial Fist etched brass symbol and some plasticard.

DSCF3781 DSCF3778

I’ve also added detail to all the scatter terrain.

I added in the detail to the other bits of scatter terrain, but apparently didn’t take any pics, because I’m smart! SMRT…

Cheers guys

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Terrain – Cities of Death

Hey all


More work on the cities of death table, this time adding in details to the bases of the buildings. I’ve mainly been focusing on adding texture, craters and debris to the bases to try and make them look a bit more interesting. I didn’t get to carried away, as I still wanted models to be able to move across the ruins with relative ease. The craters in particular were a lot of fun to make!

I have to admit that the table has been a lot more work than I originally thought it would be. Still, I’m having a lot of fun doing it. Almost at the stage where I can start getting some paint on this monster!

Cheers guys

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