Hey all,

First of all, apologies for the lack of updates. I feel very guilty about my horrible neglect of the blog. But, it’s not entirely due to lack of effort. Actually, the main reason is my camera disappeared during the house move and it still hasn’t reappeared yet. At this point I’m declaring it lost in the warp.

But, I’ve still been getting a bit of hobby done. The table is coming along nicely, although I felt the need to paint a few actual models. Sigismund is one of my favorite Heresy characters, and I expect him to be an absolute monster on the battlefield. My Imperial Fists have gone for far to long without a Sigismund in their ranks, so it was definitely time to change that.




I had a blast painting him and can’t wait to try him on the battlefield. Hopefully he can begin a long and successful career of lopping off traitor heads.

More pics to come, but apparently my computer/internet connection is having a day…

Cheers guys


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6 Responses to Sigismund

  1. He looks so cool. Brilliant paint job.

  2. themournival says:

    Fantastic paint work. Metallics and the yellow are very well done. I love limited palettes and realism rather than blown out and super highlighted. Thumbs up!

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