Battlefleet Gothic Gallery

BFG Imperial Fleet
Here’s a gallery of the Imperial Navy fleet I painted up a little while ago for Battlefleet Gothic. Like many people, Star Wars was an integral part of my childhood and I still get a rush of excitement when I see anything with a spaceship in it. I remember White Dwarf (back in the days when it was a hobby magazine) brought out trial rules for space combat and cardboard cutout spaceships in one of their earlier editions and I had hours of fun with those things. I was suitably excited when the actual game came out and immediately bought myself a small fleet. I recently stumbled across them and decided to strip off the old paint job and redo them, and added in a few extra bits and pieces as well.

Anyway, here is Battlefleet Eshunna, currently serving in the Badad Sector of Segmentum Ultima. Also, sorry about pic quality. I’ll redo them with a more appropriate black backdrop when I get a chance.

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