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The ramblings of a mind that never grew up

Mechanicum – Arlatax

Oh yeah! So apparently I still have a blog, not that it’s looked like it for the past very long time. I’d offer apologies, but nobody cares about that. Instead, I’m just going to throw up some pics of new … Continue reading

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A.C.T. of Heresy

Hey all Last weekend I was lucky enough to attend the A.C.T. of Heresy 30k gaming event in Canberra. First off, I just want to say what a fantastic gaming event this was. Great opponents, amazing terrain, and some brilliant … Continue reading

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The Golden D6

Hey all Today marks the day when a new online hobby magazine goes live! Remember the days when hobby magazines used to be about hobby? Well, the Golden D6 is a new magazine, designed to celebrate all things great about … Continue reading

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Reviewing the Horus Heresy Legions – Book 1

I thought today I might continue my look at the various legions available to play in the Horus Heresy series. This time I’ll be looking over the four legions that came out in Book One: Betrayal. Firstly, just let me say … Continue reading

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Book V – Tempest and Ultramarines

Hey all Today I was lucky enough that Horus Heresy Book V arrived on my door, happy day! I’m planning on writing a few blog posts in the future talking about the various space marine legions so thought I’d start today … Continue reading

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Battlefleet Gothic gallery added

Hey Guys Just a quick update to the site, adding in a gallery for some of my Battlefleet Gothic ships. I’ve got a space marine fleet I still mean to paint, but in the mean time here is an Imperial … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Horus Heresy – Gaming in the 31st millenium

Hey guys Last weekend saw the culmination of almost 2 years of work come to fruition, when I had my first game of Horus Heresy! A monumental event I know (although to be honest me ever getting a game outside of a … Continue reading

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It begins…

Evening all! I’ve decided to start this blog to track my progress with collecting, painting, converting and gaming with tabletop wargames, and in particular warhammer 40k. I’ve been maintaining several modeling diaries on various forum sites for many years now, … Continue reading

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