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Zone Mortalis table for under $100 – part one

Hey guys, Apparently I’m on a bit of a terrain bender at the moment. I’ve only had a couple of games of Zone Mortalis, but really enjoyed the games that I’ve had. I love the table that Forge World produces, … Continue reading

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New Apocalypse Table -Update

Hi guys, Progress on the apocalypse table! This time with some paint on the new terrain and some base boards to go with them. Combined with my city fight table, this gives me a 6 by 12 foot board, which … Continue reading

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A new apocalypse table

Hey guys, One of the best things of moving house is I now have a large garage not currently doing anything. It has been claimed in the name of the Emperor and renamed the Hobby Den. First thing’s first was to … Continue reading

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Hey guys, I live! Just a quick update of another commission, this time the primarch of the Iron Tenth, Ferrus Manus. This model was a lot of fun to paint, although it was hard to show the effects in the … Continue reading

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Terrain – Cities of Death mostly finished

Hey all Excitement! The cities of death table has paint on it! I’ve finished the first round of paints and added static grass to a few of the sections. I was so excited I had to go and set it … Continue reading

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Terrain – cities of death

Hey all The cities of death table is getting really close now. I’ve been adding in more detail, focusing on the scatter terrain and some of the buildings. First up, the Arbites sector house has had the windows filled in … Continue reading

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Terrain – Cities of Death

Hey all More work on the cities of death table, this time adding in details to the bases of the buildings. I’ve mainly been focusing on adding texture, craters and debris to the bases to try and make them look a … Continue reading

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