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Tutorials of various painting and converting techniques

A new apocalypse table

Hey guys, One of the best things of┬ámoving house is I now have a large garage not currently doing anything. It has been claimed in the name of the Emperor and renamed the Hobby Den. First thing’s first was to … Continue reading

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Tutorial – White Marble

Hey all I had a request to show how I did the marble on Alexis Polux’s shield, so I threw together a quick little tutorial. Hope you like! This technique was heavily based on one I found at M-K Painting … Continue reading

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Tutorial: Painting Imperial Fist Yellow

Hey guys So this is a tutorial I’ve been meaning to do for a while now. Over the course of doing this army a few people have asked me how I do the yellow on the Imperial Fists. The truth … Continue reading

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Airbrushing Imperial Fists Tanks

So, this is as much for me as anything else, because I think its always a good idea to note down your painting techniques. I’m gearing up for another apoc game, and this one is truly massive with an estimated … Continue reading

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Hair Spray Weathering

To go along with the tutorial on weathering my Imperial Fist tanks, I thought I would also do a quick tutorial on another technique of weathering I’ve tried. This technique uses hair spray to help create a chipped and worn … Continue reading

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I thought I would do a tutorial on how I weather the tanks for the Imperial Fists. Although the example here is with an Imperial Fists vindicator, the overall technique should apply to a wide range of vehicles and colour … Continue reading

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