Mechanicum – Arlatax

Oh yeah! So apparently I still have a blog, not that it’s looked like it for the past very long time. I’d offer apologies, but nobody cares about that. Instead, I’m just going to throw up some pics of new things.

Despite the complete lack of updates, my hobby has actually been making progress. The mechanicum army is coming along nicely, and I’ve even managed to have a few games with them. I love the mechanicum play style and they’ve been really competitive so far.

I thought I’d start with something a bit different, with some conversions for the Arlatax robots that got rules in book 5 (i think). There guys are great fun on the table, basically castallax with jump packs. They’re expensive, and work best in a Cybernetica mechanicum army for the longer range on the cortex controllers. You want these guys getting into the enemy’s lines quickly, and not having to worry about programmed behaviour is really handy.

The photos aren’t great because both my camera and computer with image software died. Phone camera don’t fail me now!

Cheers guys!

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4 Responses to Mechanicum – Arlatax

  1. Warburton says:

    Red and hazard stripes; always the best combo!

  2. vongutenboom says:

    Ha I have had the same problem, to many hobby projects going in at once and not having the time or energy to post about them! I need to finish up at least one of my projects to make it post worthy;) put these guys do look fantastic! Love the use of the Forge fiend’s tentacles for fingers !

    • rustymagos says:

      Yeah, life has an amazing ability to get in the way of hobby! I’ve had half-a-dozen half finished projects lying around for ages now, so I’ll trying to get a few things finished. Good luck on yours!

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