The Golden D6

Hey all

Today marks the day when a new online hobby magazine goes live! Remember the days when hobby magazines used to be about hobby? Well, the Golden D6 is a new magazine, designed to celebrate all things great about our beloved, time-wasting hobby! The Golden D6 is a collection of articles, written by both the the magazine’s creator, Adam, and collected from some of the best hobby blogs around the internet. It is a fantastic initiative, showcasing some of the amazing talent out there on display on the web.

I myself am a contributor to the magazine (shameless plug!), along with many other talented bloggers to be found around the net. More, the magazine is open to submission, so if any of you think you’ve got some amazing stuff that the people need to see, then get your stuff in!

The first edition is available here

Even better, use this coupon when you get to the checkout:


When you do, you get the magazine for free! So go have a look, and help support hobby enthusiasts all over the web!

Cheers guys

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1 Response to The Golden D6

  1. Adam Jones says:

    Could not have done it without you Tom. Thanks for your contributuon and superlative editing skills!

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