Mechanicum – Knight Atrapos

Hey guys,

What’s this? Three updates in a row? What madness is this???

Anyway, today we add a Knight Atrapos to the mechanicum. I love the forge world knights. They look fantastic and are so much more poseable compared with the Games Workshop knight (which I also love, by the way). This guy is still WIP, as he needs some more transfers, weathering and maybe some lighting effects around the guns. Still, good enough for the table. Also happy I found a use for Perturabo’s ridiculous base.

So far I’ve actually been a little disappointed with this guy on the table. Don’t get me wrong; his rules make him one of the best knight’s going around. I just seem to have really bad luck with him. So far he’s managed to injure himself most times he’s fired and has yet to get a vortex for his main gun. Still, on paper this guy should be amazing. He’s basically a Knight Errant on steroids, plus with amazing survivability. This guy works really well with the mechanicum, who sometimes lack large blasts and AP2.

Cheers guys.

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