Mechanicum – tanks, tanks baby

Hi guys,

Ok, so I’m a tragic fan-girl when it comes to all things tanks. The mechanicum are no exception, and so more tanks had to join the growing army. So, first up is a macrocarid explorator. Words struggle to describe just how good this tank is on the table. Give it the irradiation engines, flare shields, ceramite armour and dozer blades, and it is the next best thing to unkillable. I’ve used it maybe ten times and it’s yet to die on the table. More, it is utterly deadly. It has power of the machine spirit, which means it can move 12 and still fire one of the irradiation engines, which torrent another 12 inches. If you only have to move six, then you get to fire both engines. In practise, this means you can draw an 18 inch circle around this tank, and if any power armour-equipped squad comes within that circle you can pretty much kill it dead, no ifs, buts, or maybes. It is utterly deadly, and doubly so when you put a squad of myrmidon destructors inside. I arm my squads with 3-4 grav imploders and one irradiation engine, and there’s really not much they can’t handle.


And just a quick one, but I also added two ordo reductor artillery tanks to the lineup. These are just based on the solar artillery tanks, but thought they might work better than some of the other options available. I haven’t had much of a chance to use these, but I assume they should be pretty good. Give them siege armour, dozer blades and machine spirit and you get some fast moving and hard hitting units, with enough armour that they don’t need to cower behind buildings the whole game. They can also split fire despite being in a squadron, which is always handy.


Cheers guys

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