Mechanicum – Castallax

Hey guys,

More mechanicum, this time some castallax robots. These guys are probably the quintessential mechanicum unit in 30k. Hard as nails and can unleash a tonne of pain on the table. I haven’t used these guys much (being the tread-head that I am), but they’ve done really well on the times I’ve gotten them onto a battlefield. These guys are particularly good at controlling the middle of the table, forcing the enemy back off objectives so your scoring units can move in. I personally run them in squads of three armed with mauler bolters and siege wreckers. I always give them siege wreckers as it makes them so much more versatile on the table. At strength six they really struggle with dreadnoughts and can’t hurt things like land raiders. At strength ten, it’s a whole different story.

The siege wreckers are just from centurians, and I cut off the little domes on the head sections of the castellax to avoid them looking like sad frogs (once you see it, you can never un-see it).

Cheers guys.

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