Mechanicum – getting close to an army

Hey guys,

Time for some blog-o-mancy, and some gratuitous army shots! I’ve been chipping away at the mechanicum army whenever life gives me a few spare moments, and I’m pleased to say it’s starting to come together. Still lots to go, but I’m pretty pleased with how the army is going so far. The first units in this army were converted over a decade ago before GW or Forgeworld brought out mechanicum models. The idea was always to make a detachment of titan guard for the Legio Ignatum titans, so I’m really excited to see that idea start to make it onto the table.


Legio Ignatum


Cheers guys

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4 Responses to Mechanicum – getting close to an army

  1. Warburton says:

    Brilliant, mate. Very impressive.

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  3. Gastos Rhor says:

    Very impressive army! How is your Imperial Fists going? Still having them or long sold?

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