Mechanicum – Myrmidon Destructors

Hi guys,

More Mechanicum, this time a squad of Myrmidon Destructors. One of the interesting things I’m finding with this army is that because all the models are so different, I need to reinvent the colour scheme for every new squad. Although I’m happy with the overall colour scheme, finding the right balance on each new squad can be surprisingly tricky. I found this squad particularly difficult. Originally I wanted to do them with the same glossy red on their armour as the rest of the army. However, after trialling five or six different version, I just couldn’t get it to work. I tried black robes highlighted grey, black robes highlighted red, and several other different combinations, none of which worked. In the end I settled on red robes and black armour, which I think works with the rest of the test models.

I also did some minor conversions on the squad, mainly to magnitise their weapons. I want to be able to switch between different weapon loadouts, and thought this would be the easiest way.

Cheers guys

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