Terrain – Cities of Death update

Hey all

Sorry for the delay between posts. Life has been remarkably hectic of late, with both a new job and a new house. But, the new place has a giant garage which I’ve claimed in the name of the Emperor for my new hobby cave. It should be fantastic, and large enough for a permanent apocalypse table if I want one (which I do). So, although there hasn’t been much time, I’m super psyched about getting stuff happening. To that end, I’ve managed to find a little bit of time between moving to keep the city fight table creeping along.

The basic shells of the three main buildings are mostly done, so I’ve begun work on the bases they’ll be sitting on. I find a common problem with cities of death tables is there can often be very little cover for infantry at ground level, unless they’re actually inside a building. This is one of the things I wanted to address on this table, and so I’ve decided to have several of the buildings siting on raised areas of pavement. This should give infantry on the roads something to potentially hide behind, as well as add emphasis to the buildings and make them even more of a feature.

I’ve used blue foam for this, as it’s like polystyrene only much stronger and more durable. I’ve then mounted it on thin sheets of MDF board. As I mentioned earlier, all of these bases will be set at specific sizes, which should help the modularity of the final table.

Each of the three table boards are 60cm x 120cm (which is the metric version of 2’x4′), combining for a 6’x4′ table. The basic footprint I’m using for the city blocks is 48cm x 48cm. Two blocks will be placed on each board, one in each half. There will be 6cm on every side of the block, and 12cm in between them. When combined with the 6cm free on the adjacent boards, this will result in 12cm roads across the table.

Other block footprints will be 48cm by 54cm. These will be for the largest buildings, and will simply lose the 6cm road to one side of the building. This can either be placed on the edge of the table, or will just result in a one lane road adjacent to one side of the building. I’ll also be using blocks with an 18cm x 48cm footprint. Two of these will result in a block the same size as the standard block, with a 12cm road in between them.

At least that’s the theory!

Now, onto some pics. First up is the base for the Hall of Judgement. Just the basic structure at the moment, so still needs lots of details.

The base for the Hall of Judgement

The base for the Hall of Judgement

The Hall of Judgement on its base

The Hall of Judgement on its base

And the Chamber of Administration on its base.

Chamber of Admin wip 2

And finally, I want a statue for the center of the table. Hopefully this should be a good centerpiece. It should also be open enough to allow some line of site across the table while still giving cover for infantry.

Statue wip 1 Statue wip 2 Statue wip 3 Statue wip 4

So, lots of progress, but lots more to go!

Cheers guys

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9 Responses to Terrain – Cities of Death update

  1. Kibo says:

    That’s a very promising start!

  2. themournival says:

    Also, I am very envious of your coffee machine!

  3. Aurenian says:

    Looks good so far. I may have to steal your pavement idea.

    Another way to add cover at ground level is to make scatter terrain of piles of rubble that looks like it has fallen off the ruins.
    That way you have something to place across roads to give cover from fire coming down them.

    • rustymagos says:

      Cheers Aurenian! And steal away!
      Yeah, I’m planning on making a few sections of scatter terrain to go along with the buildings, again to break things up and make sure there’s plenty of cover at all levels of the table.

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