Terrain – Cities of Death

Hey all!

Happy new year to everyone! For me it’s been pretty crazy, with a new job and soon to be a new house as well.

It’s been a busy few weeks (for most of the civilized world, I think), but still managed to get a little more progress on the table done. This will be the last of the large buildings for it, at least for now. I’m calling this building the Hall of Judgement, and will basically be where Imperial officials cast judgement upon those brought before them (I suspect trials are short and noticeably one-sided in the 41st millennium).

Hall of Judgement wip

Cities of death hall of judgement

They’re pretty lousy picture, but hopefully more to come in the near future.

Anyway, just a quick update, but at least the table is starting to have some solid looking buildings on it. Next step will be to add the first level of detail to them.

Cheers guys

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2 Responses to Terrain – Cities of Death

  1. Warburton says:

    Looking good, man 🙂

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