Terrain – Cities of Death

Hey all

I’ve decided it’s time for something a bit different. Terrain! I first tried making terrain many years ago and the results were, to be generous, less than stellar. But, given I want to try and get some more games in,  a table seems like a step in the right direction.

I was going to start with something fairly easy like a moonscape or something, but then decided that would be boring. So, I’ve gone straight to something harder, but way more fun: cities of death. I love the GW kits, even if they are fairly expensive. They look great, and are versatile enough to allow a bit of flexibility in their design and construction.

One of the hardest questions for me was whether to focus on scatter terrain or large, integrated buildings designed to work with specific base boards with raised pavements/recessed rivers/sewers etc. I think the more integrated table designs look the best, however scatter terrain is by far the more versatile option. In the end I’ve opted to do something in between the two.

My intention is to use scatter terrain, all of which will have a footprint cut to a specific size. These pieces of scatter terrain will be designed to be placed in the center of the 2′ by 4′ boards, leaving the edges clear. These edge sections will be one road lane wide, thus creating a full size road when the boards are placed together. The different buildings will have different footprints, but all designed to leave these uniform sized ‘blank’ roads running between them. It works in my head, now I just need to make it work on the table…

Also, each building will have its own base, allowing me to put more detail around it such as raised pavement etc. I’d like to do some more complex stuff for the table base boards, but I think we’ll work up to that over time.

Another thing I’m trying to keep in mind is I want this table to be able to expand out into apocalypse scale games. This will probably mean eventually making several tables, all following the same footprint templates, that can be combined together. I’m only making three for the moment, but I do want the option for more in the future.

Anyway, here is the first of the buildings. The table will be cities of death, however themed around an administration and judicial district of the city. As such, I want all the buildings to reflect that in some way. The table will have three large buildings initially, with several smaller ones as well as some scatter terrain to fill it out.

First up is the Adeptus Arbites precinct house. I’m really happy with how this has come out so far.

Arbites sector house wip Arbites sector house wip 2 Arbites sector house wip 3

So, lots to do!

Cheers guys!

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8 Responses to Terrain – Cities of Death

  1. Warburton says:

    That looks bloody good, but the cost makes me shudder a little… 😉

    • rustymagos says:

      Thanks Warburton!
      Yeah, it’s not cheap! But, I’ve been grabbing the odd box here and there for a while now, so I’ve managed to build up a fair collection. I managed to pick up a few CoD pieces second hand as well, which helps keep the costs down. Hopefully should be enough for a good table!

  2. Looks fantastic but it’s all so expensive! Good job mate

  3. Aurenian says:

    Looking good.
    One trick you can do to make an intact building look more lived in is block out the windows from behind with card. Then you paint windows on it.
    It helps to block LOS better too so you don’t get those silly D shots through tiny upper story windows.

    It’ll be nice to see some terrain get the masterclass treatment. Can’t wait to see an apoc table worth.

    • rustymagos says:

      Thanks Aurenian!
      Yeah, filling in the windows is on the list of things for this building once I go back in and finish some of the details. I also want to replace the central front window with a symbol of the Adeptus Arbites while I’m at it.

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