Hey all

Something a bit different today. With the Imperial Fists done I’ve decided to do a few little random projects before settling on something more substantial.

I love the primarch models and I’ve been wanting to do a few more of them for a long time now. This seemed like a great time, and my girlfriend was nice enough to buy me Mortarion as a present as further incentive.


This is a gorgeous model and I had a great time painting him. I’m not sure if this will lead to more death guard models, although it is tempting. I suppose time will tell on that one…

Gallery below with more pics, click on them for larger pics.

Cheers guys!

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2 Responses to Mortarion

  1. Wudugast says:

    Damn that model is cool, and you’ve really done him justice. Really like the stains the rust has left on his white armour – how did you do that? Also, how did you do the skin – his face is wonderfully unhealthy. No worries if there isn’t a straightforward answer to these – I dread being asked for my painting recipes because it’s almost always a case of using whatever was closest to hand.

    • rustymagos says:

      Cheers Wudugst, glad you like him!
      The weathering on the armour was really easy. It’s basically just the same techniques I use for weathering the Imperial Fists tanks. Instead of sponging on damage though I painted it by hand, and then highlighted a thin line beneath the chips to give it some depth. The stained effect was all done with burnt umber oil paint.
      The face is a lot harder to remember. As you said, it was a case of keep adding in different colours and shades until it looked right, so I’m not really sure what ended up in there. I think the main colour used was pallid flesh, with some warmer colours added in. I also added in some red gore and some purple as well. Sorry I can’t be much help on that one. Really, the trick was just to experiment until something good (or sickly) comes out the other side.

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