Imperial Fists – Bringing it all together

Hey all

The Imperial Fists draw ever closer. At the moment I’m basically down to finishing off the little left over bits here and there and making sure the squads have all the options I want for them.

First up is a squad of cataphractii terminators. I already had these guys, but they were all equipped with combi-bolters and powerfists. But, I wanted them to be a bit more flexible and so magnetized their right hands and converted up some combi-plasmas for them. I also converted all their power fists to chain fists, because chain fists are just better.

Imperial Fist Cataphracti Terminator squad armed with combi-plasmas and chain fists

Imperial Fist Cataphractii Terminator squad armed with combi-plasmas and chain fists

Here’s a couple of better pics of the converted combi-plasmas. I had a heap of spare plasma pistols and combi-bolters, so just (carefully) cut away one of the bolters and shaped the plasma pistol to fit the hole.

Converted terminator combi-plasma

Converted terminator combi-plasma


Next, I painted up some combi-plasmas for my command squad to make sure they could form a legal squad in games of heresy.

Imperial Fists Command Squad

Imperial Fists Command Squad

And next is a Imperial Fists Praetor I’ve had lying around for ages. He’s equipped with a storm shield and solarite gauntlet, which should work as a pretty effective combination.

Imperial Fists Preator

Imperial Fists Praetor

And last but not least, sergeants! Some of these guys are new, others old, others repainted or modified.

Collection of Imperial Fist sergeants

Collection of Imperial Fist sergeants

So close now to being finished!

Cheers guys!

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10 Responses to Imperial Fists – Bringing it all together

  1. They look fan-bloody-tasting man!! A force to be reckoned with!

  2. Errrr that should be Tastic not tasty hahaha

  3. Wudugast says:

    Yet again I’m reminded that I’m very much in awe of this army. I love the combination of bright heraldic colours with scuffed, battle-worn realism. Looking forward to seeing a group shot and of course there’s the eternal question – what’s next?

  4. rustymagos says:

    Cheers Wudugast!
    A group shot is up next, and I still need a Sigismund and a Dorn for the army. After the Fists though I’ve got a lot planned. I need to make some terrain (mine is old and terrible), and I’m tempted by making either a city of death table or an Istvaan V table. Iron Hands and World Eaters are also fighting it out for my attention. So, I’m really looking forward to what’s to come!

  5. Rictus says:

    Awesome looking additions. Looking forward to the force being finished and seeing them all together.

  6. vardamar says:

    I would love to learn to paint them with this grade of yellow!
    Do you know if there is a video.. or something about it? (Or if you made one!)

    • rustymagos says:

      Cheers vardamar!
      Unfortunately I don’t have any videos on how i did the yellow, but i do have a couple of tutorials on the blog if you’re interested. I pretty much made up the techniques through experimenting, so i don’t have much else to refer you to. Good luck though!

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