Imperial Fists – Assault Squads and Thud Guns

Hey all

The Imperial Fists are getting really close now! I’ve actually had these finished for a little while now, but totally forgot to get them up on the blog. So, better late than never!

First up are the thud guns. I’ve just used thunderfire cannons, as I figure they are close enough to represent thud guns in games of heresy. In heresy games these things are amazing. Standard rounds can smash infantry formations to pieces and shatter rounds will tear apart anything that isn’t a flare shielded spartan. Also, they’re elites and so don’t compete for those coveted heavy support choices in the army. Lastly, at 180 points they’re a bargain for your list (unfortunately not as much for your wallet though…).

Thudd gun 1

Next is two assault squads. These are kitted out for 40k, rather than 30k, however there’s no reason they can’t be combined to form a single 15 man heresy assault squad. Not really sure why I did these, to be honest. It was pretty much entirely to fill out the requirements of a space marine battle company, which feels a little silly now. I doubt they’ll see the table much, and could have been used as the core of a new army. Oh well, they’re yellow now…

Assault Squad 6 Assault squad 1

Well, that’s it for now. But, the army is getting really close to being finished! All that’s really left is to optimize a few squads and make sure they’ve got all the 30k weapon/upgrade options I’ll want to use. And, of course, Sigismund.

Cheers guys!

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3 Responses to Imperial Fists – Assault Squads and Thud Guns

  1. Wudugast says:

    Looking good. There’s something pretty intimidating about opening up the wordpress reader and finding oneself confronted with that row of thud guns (maybe that’s just because I’m a filthy heretic of course…)

  2. Arkhangelsk says:

    Agree with Wudugast. Thankfully I have never going up against Thunderfires but I hear they hurt quite a bit.

    I look forward to seeing a family photo when the armies finished!

  3. rustymagos says:

    Cheers guys! Yeah, I usually field these as a squadron of thud guns in heresy games. They’re brutal, to the point I don’t use them much in friendly games anymore. Still, they look great on the table, so intimidating!

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