Imperial Fists – Dreadnoughts

Hey all

Work continues to get the Imperial Fists finished. I’ve been working through the (probably) last batch of armour for the army, and first off the rank were the dreadnoughts. I love the contemptors. The models look amazing and they’re fantastic on the table. The conventional dreadnoughts are there more to fill in apocalypse formations and to allow the force to field a standard battle company. Not that I play much 40k anymore (it’s all 30k these days), but the collector in me still wanted to do it.

Contemptor1 Contemptor5 Contemptors Dreadnoughts2

Cheers guys

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2 Responses to Imperial Fists – Dreadnoughts

  1. Rictus says:

    Lovely looking yellow, the dreads look very nice but the Contemptors look superb.

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