Imperial Fists – Templar Brethren

Hey all

Bit of a gap between posts, but the push to finish the Imperial Fists goes on. I’ve got the Templar squad finished now, complete with bases. I should probably paint a few more details on the robes, but they’ll do for now.

The Templars have also had their first game, which was a lot of fun. It’s an expensive squad, but scary when they hit in combat. By far the funniest moment was when my opponent’s warlord (an Iron Warriors Praetor) charged the squad after his body guard was shot out around him. The Templar sergeant challenged the lord, as he must do thanks to the Imperial Fists special rules. The Iron Warrior fluffed his attacks, and the sergeant promptly punched his head in with his solarite power gauntlet. Most amusing.

Templarsquad Templarsquad2 Templarsquad3

Cheers guys!

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One Response to Imperial Fists – Templar Brethren

  1. Iron Commander says:

    Amazing looking squad, I especially love your rusted/weathering technique, it’s outstanding 🙂

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