Imperial Fists – Alexis Polux

Hey all

Just finished the Forge World Alexis Polux model for the Imperial Fists. I already had a conversion that I used to represent Polux on the table, however the Forge World character series model was simply to nice not to include in the army. It’s a fantastic model and was an absolute joy to paint.

Alexis Polux, Fleet Admiral of the Imperial Fists

Alexis Polux, Fleet Admiral of the Imperial Fists

Cheers guys!

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3 Responses to Imperial Fists – Alexis Polux

  1. Arkhangelsk says:

    Oh wow, thats done amazingly! How did you do the shield? It looks so good. Pic of him leading others into battle? 😀

  2. rustymagos says:

    Cheers Arkhangelsk! I was originally going do a tutorial on the whole model, however I tried a new method of yellow that became far to complex to keep track of (mainly because it didn’t quite work so I had to keep going over it to fix it up). But, I do have shots of the different steps involved in painting the shield so I’ll throw those together into a quick tutorial.
    And yes, I’ll definitely be getting some army pics of Polux leading the force!

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