Battle Report – Theater of War

The might of Legio Ignatum hold firm against the ork assault, their guns killing scores of enemy and dozens of vehicles

Hey all

Ok, so this isn’t actually much of a battle report as it is some pics of a really great apocalypse game I was lucky enough to be a part of. I was originally planning on writing it up as a battle report, however way to much happened down the other end of the board which I have no idea about. So, instead I’ll just give a brief description of some of the key events and show lots of cool pics!

The game was hosted by a friend of mine who lives up in Swan Hill. His gaming collection, and in particular his terrain collection, is about the best I’ve ever seen.

The Table

This is the terrain set up for the game. It was without doubt the best apocalypse table I’ve played on, about 24 foot by 6 foot, and covered with fantastic terrain. The bulk of the terrain is all from a company called Blue Forge Terrain and Scenery.

The table in all its glory

The table in all its glory

The table was divided into 3 war zones: the Western Wall, the Manufactorum, and the Space Port. Each team had three players, divided one to each war zone. Each player had 8,000 points, meaning each war zone had an equal number of points allocated to it. The exception was the Imperial side in the Manufactorum sector, who had two players controlling the 8,000 points.

Each war zone had it’s own primary objective, opposed by the two forces in that sector. On the Western Wall the Imperial Fists were  opposed by the orks. The Imperial Fist’s mission was to hold the wall and prevent a significant number of orks from entering the city. In the Manutfactorum sector, the Imperial forces consisted of Space Wolves, Tau, and Legio Astraman knights and titans, attempting to stop a large factory complex from falling into the hands of chaos. The Star Port had been overrun by necrons, and it fell to the space marines of the Halo Knights chapter to reclaim it. The necrons were attempting to capture the central spire, to gain access to the ancient star charts held within.

In addition, each player had their own secondary objectives and personal objectives to achieve over the course of the game.

The Game

The game was an absolute blast! Way to much stuff happened to mention, but the gallery below should give you some idea. Highlights included the titans of Legio Ignatum laying waste to all before them to help the Imperial Fists secure the Western Wall, the necrons completely overrunning the space port only for the Imperials to destroy the main spire to prevent it falling into their hands, and bitter fighting throughout the manufactorum.

In the end the Imperials won, securing both the Western Wall and Manufactorum warzones. The necrons were firmly in control of the final warzone, having thoroughly routed the space marine forces sent to secure it.

It was a fantastic game and a huge thanks to everyone involved, especially Geordie for organizing and hosting the event!

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