Reaver Titan – Guns!

Hey all

Work continues on the Reaver. Next up is getting the weapons up and ready. The first step was trying to figure out how to make the weapons interchangeable. I’ve seen this done a couple of ways. One option is to magnetize the guns, either at the weapon join (the most common), or possibly at the shoulder join (a lot harder, but lets you equip the titan close combat weapons. Mounting at the elbow join will only allow the other ranged weapons to be swapped in or out).

The second option is to bolt the arms into place. If you chose this option, I would recommend you insert a headless bolt into the arm so the thread is coming up through the shoulder join. Glue the bolt into the arm using some kind of epoxy resin, just don’t get it onto the thread where it emerges from the arm. Then, attach it to the shoulder using a wing nut hidden beneath the shoulder armour. I’ve seen a few people try and bolt the arms on by simply screwing the bolt into the resin. I seriously doubt the resin will be able to maintain the thread for the bolt over many uses, likely stripping it and becoming unusable. Do it the other way and it should be fine however.

In the end I opted for magnets. They’re easier, and don’t require any modifications to the shoulder join or the shoulder pads (which would probably need to be hollowed out to hide a wingnut if using a bolt). I’m not worried about not being able to field close combat weapons as my general opinion is that if the Reaver is in close combat then something has gone very wrong. I was a little worried magnets might not be strong enough, and so opted for some seriously big ones. The ones I’ve used are 20mm x 5mm rare earth magnets, and they are STRONG! (I think they’re rated to around 21kg) They have absolutely no trouble holding the arms in place. I’ve also used them to reinforce the hip join to make sure the titan doesn’t fall apart on the table (the magnets are strong enough to hold the full weight of the titan, so no problems there!). If you do use magnets like these make sure you hold them in place with two part epoxy resin, as I doubt much else will hold them.

First up is the turbo laser, which I dare say is the most feared weapon the Reaver can field.

Reaver Titan turbo laser

Reaver Titan turbo laser

This shows the 20mm magnet in place on the gun.

Here you can see the 20mm magnets that hold the gun in place

Here you can see the 20mm magnets that hold the gun in place

Next up is the melta cannon. I really wasn’t sure whether to go with a gattling cannon or melta cannon. In the end I went with the melta cannon, as much because it looks good as any other reason. That, and ten inch blast templates are always fun.

Reaver titan melta cannon

Reaver titan melta cannon

Melta Cannon wip 2

And finally we have the carapace mounted plasma blast gun. The mount is made from a vengeance weapon battery turret, cut in half and covered over with plastacard. The only problem is I wanted to use the same magnets to attach the gun to the mount (which should be able to just sit upon the carapace thanks to the turret ring). Unfortunately, the 20mm magnets would tear the mount to pieces the first time you tried to remove the gun. So, I’ll have to think of something there. At the moment it’s using the somewhat undignified method of blutacking the gun to the mount…

The mount for the plasma blast gun is made from the turret of a vengeance weapon battery

The mount for the plasma blast gun is made from the turret of a vengeance weapon battery

And a size comparison between the plasma blast gun and the mount. Now that its painted I think the conversion work holds up pretty well, and isn’t overly noticeable.

Size comparison of the mount and the plasma blast gun

Size comparison of the mount and the plasma blast gun

The Reaver is getting close now! Just need to finish off a few details on the main body and then we’ll see how it all looks assembled!

Cheers guys!


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