Reaver Titan – Freehand work

Hey all

Well the Easter long weekend was a great chance to get some painting done. I managed to get a heap done on the Reaver, including most of the freehand work on the knee pads and the upper torso.

Here is the left kneepad of Reaver, displaying its heraldry. The eagle in the bottom left is a transfer from the Imperial Knight kit, but the rest are all attempts at freehand. In theory the upper left denotes the titan as being from the Fire Wasps legio and under the command of a Princeps Senioris. The bottom right identifies the titan as a Reaver, and the other two are just meant to look cool. According to the fluff these markings would usually be placed on other areas around the titan, but I think they look good here. Overall this was one of the most complex things to paint on the whole model.

Details of the Reaver's heraldry, as displayed on his left knee

Details of the Reaver’s heraldry, as displayed on his left knee

The right kneepad is a lot simpler. I was going to put the titan’s name here, but in the end went with the Forge World scheme and went with the legio instead. This means the titan is going to need some banners for its name though…

Reaver kneepad wip 2

Next is the main carapace of the Reaver. This was definitely the most fun part of the model to paint. I went for a large symbol of the Fire Wasps on the central shield and Latin inscriptions on either side.

Details of the Reaver's main carapace armour

Details of the Reaver’s main carapace armour

The left side is the motto of the Fire Wasps, which is (depending on my Latin and ability to freehand…) Inveniam viam aut faciam. In theory this translates to I will either find a way or I shall make one.

I quite like this saying. I should try and apply it to a lot of other projects.

Reaver Carapace wip 2

The right side is in inscription taken from one of the Forge World reaver titans of the Warp Runners. Unfortunately a crack sculpted into the parchment makes this one a little harder to read, but it should say Bellum Invictus Imperious Dominatus. I don’t know exactly how this translates but should be something along the lines of undefeated in war, Imperial mastery (or some combination of those words!)

Reaver Carapace wip 3


Next up is the weapons, which require the airbrush to get some weathering and heat effects onto them.

Cheers guys!

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6 Responses to Reaver Titan – Freehand work

  1. mikeyblake1 says:

    jeez that must have taken a long time to paint!

    • rustymagos says:

      The freehand wasn’t actually that bad. It was the edging on all the armour panels that took forever!

      • mikeyblake1 says:

        yeah i noticed that too whenever i do a big model or a model with loads of edges you have to get the highlights in the right place or it messes the whole thing up

      • rustymagos says:

        Exactly! It’s tricky on the Reaver because I’m painting the armour panels separately, and so have to keep placing them back on the superstructure and compare them with the other panels to make sure the highlights are in the right places.

        I always find painting trim a slow process. I painted a chaos space marine army a while ago and I half think the main way Chaos forces express their evilness is through the sheer amount of trim and edging they make people paint

      • mikeyblake1 says:

        I feel like whenever I make a mistake on a chaos model the dark gods are sitting there laughing at me

      • rustymagos says:

        It’s how they force their followers to prove their devotion!

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