Hey all

Keeping with the theme of Heresy era vehicles, a Spartan assault tank has just joined the ranks of the Imperial Fists armory.

Imperial Fists Spartan

Imperial Fists Spartan assault tank

Spartan 2 Spartan 3

Side profile of the Spartan

Side profile of the Spartan

Rear details of the Spartan

Rear details of the Spartan

The Spartan and the Typhon, two of the heavy weights of the Imperial Fists

The Spartan and the Typhon, two of the heavy weights of the Imperial Fists armored forces

The black on the armour around the sponsons was a bit of a last minute thing, so I want to go back over it and touch up the weathering there. Other than that though, I think it’s pretty much finished.

So far I’ve had the chance to field the spartan in two games. The first was a massive apoc game, where it managed to take the last wounds from a Hierophant biotitan. The second was in a much smaller game of Horus Heresy, were it got blown up on the first turn by a fluke shot from a single rapier laser destroyer (despite being equipped with flare shields). Fortunately, it managed to get a large terminator squad close enough to the enemy battle lines before it exploded, where they reaped a suitably impressive revenge. So, a mixed bag from it so far, although I think overall this should be an amazing tank. Despite the bad luck of the previous game, when equiped with flare shields the spartan becomes almost impossible to stop. If it’s carrying a suitably powerful close combat unit within it, (or a primarch, Emperor protect the enemy…) it will be incredibly hard to stop them from reaching the lines where they can then do some real damage.

Cheers guys!

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6 Responses to Spartan

  1. Iron Commander says:

    Fantastic work, I love the look of the exhausts especially.

  2. 40kterminatus says:

    They look stunning. Is that a bronze colour on the lascannon barrels ?

    • rustymagos says:

      Thanks 40kterminatus! It’s warplock brone, drybrushed with balthasar gold. I use that combination on quite a few of the Imperial fists because it contrasts with the yellow better than gold does.

  3. Noah Hibbert says:

    Hello I’m new to this hobby and i’ve wanted to start a Imperial Fists army for a while, but I could never find a good paint list for the infantry. So I was wondering if you could tell me the paints you used, That would be Awesome if you could.
    And keep the good work up, your models are Amazing pieces of Art

    • rustymagos says:

      Hey Noah!
      No problem at all! I’ve been meaning to do a tutorial on how I paint the infantry for a while now. Next time I paint a squad I promise to take some step by step pics. For now though, the main paints I use are: Yriel Yellow, Flash Gitz Yellow, Cassandora Yellow and Seraphim Sepia, all of which are from Games Workshop.
      I paint the yellow on the infantry by first undercoating them white, and then painting the whole model Yriel Yellow. I’ll often give this two coats just to make sure I get an even coverage over the model. Next step is to give them an edge highlight using Flash Gitz Yellow. After that, I give the model a wash using a mix of 1 part Cassandora Yellow and 4 parts water. This helps to blend the colours together. Then I use a mix of 1 part seraphim sepia and 1 part water in a targeted wash, which I only apply to the creveses of the model. The final step is straight seraphim sepia in the deepest recesses of the model. I usually need to go and touch a few things up by the end, but that’s the basic process I use.
      I use a different process for my tanks, which I’ve writen a tutorial on. The paints I use for them are Tamiya Flat Yellow, Tau Light Ochre, skrag brown, and Cassandora Yellow.

      Hope that helps and best of luck with your army!

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