Alexis Polux and Lysander WIPs

Hey guys

I decided I need a few more HQ options for my army, and thought it was time to try some special characters. First on the list was the quintessential Imperial Fist character, the captain of the first company, Darnath Lysnader.

I got the games workshop model, but decided I wanted to do my own version of Lysander. In particular, I want the model to be wearing cataphracti armour so it matches the rest of my terminators. I love the preator in terminator armour and thought it was to good not to use.

wip pic of Captain Darnath Librarian

wip pic of Captain Darnath Lysander

Details of Lysnader's armour

Details of Lysnader’s armour

wip pic of Captain Darnath Librarian

wip pic of Captain Darnath Lysander

Next up on the list was Fleet Commander Alexis Polux. I’m holding off on doing a Sigismund conversion, because I’m expecting Forge World to come up with something pretty special for him. But, I still want something new for my Heresy army and I think Polux looks really interesting.

Rules wise I think he has a lot of potential. He’s tough enough in combat to worry anyone who’s not a combat monster, and will rip a tank apart in no time at all. He’s also got a lot of little rules that all seem useful. Allowing a unit to deepstrike is fun, and allowing his squad to effectively ignore moral is also great. Finally, his warlord trait also seems good. If I get to deploy first, I’m planning on using the trait to keep something like the Typhon in reserve, then let my oponent deploy, and then bring the Typhon on before the game starts. This way, the Typhon should be able to deploy in just the right location and still attack from the first turn.

wip pic of Alexis Polux

wip pic of Alexis Polux

Details of Alexis Polux

Details of Alexis Polux

I’m quite happy with how Polux turned out, and I think the model looks a lot like his image from the Heresy books.

Cheers guys

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3 Responses to Alexis Polux and Lysander WIPs

  1. VoltRon says:

    Holy crap Lysander looks amazing!!

    Heck both of them came out awesome!

  2. Reblogged this on Table Top Gamers UK and commented:
    More Hqs always good

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