Typhon update

Hey guys

Just a quick update this week. I realize I hadn’t posted pics of the Typhon yet so I thought I’d put some up. The Typhon is fresh from its very first game (an apoc game no less), however it clearly suffered from new model syndrome. It did manage to kill 2 predator annihilators, however unfortunately both belonged to me… It also destroyed a building which one of my devastator squads were hiding in. The tank showed definite potential, I just need to make sure it’s aimed more accurately at the enemy!

At the moment the Typhon is half way through the weathering process, still needing some work with oil paints and weathering powders.


I think leaving the tracks off to begin with was a great idea, as it made painting everything much easier. On the down side, the tracks are definitely the hardest part of the model to assemble. I found there were a couple of tricks that helped. Firstly, make sure you’ve got a bowl of hot water next to you when you’re assembling, dipping each track piece in first to help it fit in place. Secondly, make sure you do a dry run first! The tracks are tricky, don’t try and stick them on first go! Thirdly, and probably most importantly, I found the real trick was to stick the tracks on from the top of the model and work down on each side from there. I found that both sets of tracks didn’t quite fit and so I had to modify them. By working down, you should finish with the two sections that make up the underside of the tank last. I ended up cutting out a full track link from each set of tracks, and then hid the modification under the tank where you’re not likely to see it.

Cheers guys

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