Imperial Fists mkIIB Land Raider

The Imperial Fists are getting some more firepower in the form of a mkIIB land raider. The raider is basically finished, including all its weathering. The only thing I’m not happy about is you can still see the edges of the transfers on the front of the tank despite several layers of varnish. I’ll have to fix that… Unfortunately I don’t have any wip shots of the land raider, mainly because of some computer problems.

Imperial Fists mkIIB Land Raider

Imperial Fists mkIIB Land Raider

Imperial Fists 76 Imperial Fists 77

Copella mounted multi melta

Copella mounted multi melta

Imperial Fists 79 Imperial Fists 80

I love this model. I like the conventional Land Raider model, but I think the Forge World mkIIB raider just takes it to another level. The kit was also surprisingly easy to assemble, which is always nice. Unfortunately the kit didn’t come with a multimelta (I don’t think the conventional land raider comes with them), so I had to improvise. I had already stolen a gun shield for the multimelta from a different raider, so had the multimelta spare. I ended up converting it up with parts from a hunter killer missile to make an automated turret.

I’m usually not such a fan of conventional land raiders on the table. To me it seems their weapon load-out, which favours ranged shooting, doesn’t mesh well with their assault vehicle and transport rules. Their weapons aren’t great for moving forward, but they’re way to expensive to sit back and give fire support. However, I think the land raider might work well as a transport for a unit of devastator centurions. The centurions can sit inside the raider for the first turn to keep them safe and warm, and then push forward and disembark to get their grav guns where they need to be. After that, the raider can continue giving fire support and act as a mobile line-of-sight blocker to protect the centurions. I’m looking forward to seeing how it goes on the table.

I’ve been working on a Land Raider Achilies for the Imperial Fists at the same time, so hopefully that should be ready pretty soon as well.

Cheers guys!

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2 Responses to Imperial Fists mkIIB Land Raider

  1. 40kterminatus says:

    Well impressive.

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